Backblast: Red White and Boom Monday 7/12/21. A Tour of the AO.

A day late, and more than a dollar short.

19 Pax: Blue Hen, Dr. Evil, Water Wings, Florida, Shear Conn, Deliverance, Bambi, Gilmore, Mulligan (displaying the latest from Italy in high fashion footwear), Fudd, Crawdaddy, Duvet, Flounder, Kay, Epstein, Tardy, Handy, Sack, and QIC – Checkbook.  Good crowd to start off the week with a good sweat.

WOR: See Flounder’s Post…likely seal jacks and something no one has ever heard of…

The Thang: A tour of the AO with stops at all our favorite spots.
Park Entrance – Ascending Curb Crawls with Irkins and Dirkins.
Cul-da-Sac – Thigh Masters, LBCs, Merkins
Guard Rail – Dips.
Traveled up and down the bus parking lot a couple of times for Carolina Dry Docks and probably Merkins…
Benches – Irkins, Himalayan Monkey Humpers, and Pretzel Crunches. 
School Entrance – Curb Bangers and Copper Head Squats.
School Amphitheater – Irkins and LBCs.
Cul-da-Sac Again – Diamond Merkins and something else.
Park Amphitheater – Step ups and Irkins
Park Entrance Again – Rocky Balboas and more Irkins

6MOM: Wait for it…..wait for it….  25 single count ab roll.  The single count call made for more Pax anxiety than sitting for the SAT. And we ended with a small number of AHs.

Prayers: Mulligan’s foot, Chipper and son Drew, Blue Hen’s friend, Lori with stage 4 cancer, Dr. Evil’s co-worker getting a CT scan on Tuesday, and @sludge’s hip.  Pray for Sludge’s hip, not Sludge himself….unless you just want to, but for his hip.  Can you imagine what it’s been like for that hip?  To be with Sludge 24/7/365 for over 40 years?  I can hear that hip saying, “Enough of this.  I’m outta here.  Call in the replacement.” 

Gilmore took us out.

Always an honor to lead.  Checkbook, out!