If I can’t do it i can always still sign up to Q it 6-18-21

Far side, Gilmore, Crankbait, Epstein, Crawdaddy, Handy, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Fudd, Shercon, Monet, Lucky Charms, Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Check Book and QIC

16 with the Q the respects represented with 10 nice showing from the respects. Everyone worked hard and I hope got enough.

WAR: Abes, Seam Rippers, Side Straddle Hops, Mt Climbers, Shoulder Taps, and Frankenstein’s (Thanks for the help Gilmore)

Thang: We were in front of the auditorium we had 5 pain stations laid out and broke up into groups of 4 pax members

Station 1 5 Lt Dans 10 WWII 15 Merkins

Station 2 5 Blockies 10 Curls 15 Military presses

Station 3 5 HIlls front or backwards

Station 4 5 Derkin, 10 Irkins, 15 Dips IC

Station 5 5 squats 10 Car Dry Docks 15 WWI

I think the pax got in 4 maybe 5 rounds well done boys well done.

Mary: LBC’s, Left Cindy, Superman/Ironman, Right Cindy, and American Hammers

COT Praises

Dr Evils Sister Barbera no cancer on CT Scan

Chum Valdez started his 1st Job in OK.



Chipper and family (Drew)

Mulligan on recovery

Farside lead us out

22 for the vets

“You must do the things you think you cannot do”