Poison Ivey Back-Blast – Circling the Diamonds

Six bright-eyed PAX arrived to the gloom this morning to take the DRP, each one wondering where most of the rest of the K’Ville PAX have retreated to as of late. Non fartsacking PAX this day included Crankbait, Gilmore, Crawdaddy, Florida, Mall Cop (cotters), and Epstein. After an inspirational and brief mission statement the pain commenced on the plastic soccer field for warm-O-Rama

Imperial Walker x 15 (IC) + Don Quixote’s x 15 (IC) + Copperhead Squats x 15 (IC) + Parker Peters x 15 (IC) + Helicopters x 15 (IC)

We then moseyed up the hill, across the lot, and to the picnic tables for the Thang

Seven of Diamonds – We did all exercises as a group because there were only six of us and we were all pretty evenly matched (that’s right, even Crankbait). Each round consisted of stopping at the corners of the outfield, between the two tall lights extending from home plate and second base, and the brick pavers behind home between moseys

Round 1: 7 Burpees

Round 2: 14 four-count flutter kicks (IC)

Round 3: 21 merkins

Round 4: 28 squats

Round 5 21 Peter Parkers (first corner only IC)

with time quickly fading under the humid and sunny sky we headed to the real grass field below the parking lot for 6 MOM.

Side plank push-ups x 13 (IC, each side) would have been 15 each side but Gilmore said halt the last three reps + low dolly’s x 20 (IC) + American Hammers x 20 (IC)

Crankbait led us out with a solid prayer after COT.

It’s always an honor, thanks for letting me lead!