Flash Bang Friday 5-14-21

We all moved we all worked out I hope we all got enough!!!!

18 with the Q

Kay, Water Wings, Florida, Flounder, Epstein, Blue Hen, Check Book, Sprinkler, Crank Bait, Mulligan, Boons Farm, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Chipper, Duvet, Tardy, Monet and Sludge

Sprinklers Father in law back surgery was successful.

Chipper back and the Gloom

Short mosey to bus benches for WAR


Started with a little stretch and then right into Deans

Seam Rippers,

Checkbook led us in his Patented move Imperial Squat Walkers

Dr Evil led us in slow smurf jacks

Tardy led us in Frankenstein’s Rocket Style

Thanks for the help on War.


We broke up into 3 groups A,B, and C’s and went to the designated station

Everyone got through all three stations and did some of the exercises two times until we rotatated.



Pretzel Crunchs


Box Cutters

Camel Toes

Crankbait led us out.

Thank goodness Chipper was here we only had to do 22 for our Vets.

“two things you are in total control in life are your ATTITUDE & EFFORT”

Thanks for allowing me to lead and be apart of such a great group of MEN