Skate Rats Friday backblast 4/9/21

Went something like this…


  • SSH – YHC
  • Slow Mountain Climbers with calf stretches – Boone’s Farm
  • Imperial walkers – Kay
  • SSH – Huffy

The Thang – Dice partner work

The Dice
  • Partner up
  • Rolled dice to select exercises for 2 stations. 
  • P1 ran, acting as the timer. 
  • P2 did the exercise rolled by dice.
  • Rotated twice through each station and the run.
  • Moseyed to different locations and repeated the process

We also did a partner bear crawl. Crawl 2 lines and wait for your partner to roll the dice to you. Once your partner has passed you and stopped, then roll the dice to them. R&R until end of parking lot.


  • WWI dying cockroach – YHC
  • Slow Peter Parkers – Boone’s Farm
  • Bicycle crunches – Kay
  • Burpees – Huffy
  • AH – YHC


  • 4 with the Q
  • Kay, Boone’s Farm, Huffy and Tardy
  • Prayers and praise for Chipper
  • Prayers for teacher Amy Wilson, battling stage 4 lung cancer
  • Kay prayed us out. 
  • 22 for the troops.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy