Backblast – Poison Ivey – Weds 4/7/21 – “It doesn’t even look good on paper” – A C’Diddy joint

Pax: Fudd, Whamo, Wheezy, Mulligan, Shearcon, Sprinkler, Special, Crankbait, Bambi, Tenderfoot, Sludge, Tent City, Lucky Charms, Gilmore and Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

15 Gloomites gathered in the predawn to see if the pre-warning was really true. Lesson here is never write a Q after watching fitness shows of superhuman 20 somethings. Regardless, the paper showed what QIC hoped would be a beatdown to push all of us a little and punish the body for not being smart enough to fartsack. With Sludge still 1 zipcode out, we headed into the merk to begin.

WAR: 10x Side Straddle Hops, Helicopters, Chinooks drop for hurdler stretch then Goofballs


Suicides: Bottom of the hill 5 burpees after each line. When done, pick up the 6.

Round 1: 10 Low Slow Flutters in Cadence. Running Burpee Count (RBC = 30)

Recovery lap

Round 2: 10 LBC in Cadence. Added 5 Burpees at the end for the pax not picking up the 6.. RBC=65

Recovery lap

Round 3: Modified to 2 islands and the end, 10 WW1s in Cadence: RBC= 85 – some did more or less

Recovery lap

Time running short, we never started phase 2

6 MOM:

10 X Dying Cockroaches, Cindy Crawfords, Supermans and American Hammers

Tclaps to Tenderfoot for pushing through, knee brace and all. Whamo and Shearcon for setting a blistering pace. And Gilmore who kicked our ass on Monday to inspire a second round today.

Epilogue – That 45 minutes is what you make it. Push yourself, pull others along. Even if it’s 1 Q a week. No one has ever regretted being more fit. Pick up a Q and load it with stuff you don’t want to do. Thoughts for my own introspection.

Prayers and Praises: Ryan Wickstrom and family, Chipper’s continued recovery – See his yard and meal sheet, Mulligan’s brother and Evil’s sister.

Sludge led us out – Thanks man..

Always a pleasure gents.. C-Diddy out..