Backblast – Ivey Redmond 3/31/21

YHC and 10 PAX met in the gloom happy that the rain was holding off and the temperature was north of 50. What looked like a great workout on paper turned out to be horrible on asphalt. Who would have thought six sides or a hexagon would cause so much trouble. The PAX that joined me for the hexagonal workout were; Shear Conn, Hook’em, Blue Hen, Weezie, Bambi, Fudd, Lucky Charms, Crankbait, Crawdaddy, and Wham-O.

We moseyed to the warm-o-rama circle and did chinooks, helicopters, imperial walkers, and frankensteins. Then the PAX were instructed to partner up. The thang was simple; six cones placed in a hexagon design with an additional cone in the middle. Partner A would perform the exercise while partner B would either; bear crawl, crawl bear, crab walk, lunge walk, or duck walk to the center cone and then run back to partner A. They would then flip flop. Once partner A returned from center, both would run clockwise all the way around the hexagon, stopping at the next cone doing the same routine as before, albeit a different exercise. Continue this madness until time is called. Only one exercise at each cone; burpee, shoulder taps, freddy mercuries, merkins, WWIIs, and Lt. Dans.

Once we finally reached Nebraska, Omaha was called and we transitioned to Mary. Mary was the Checkbook inspired and created ab roll to a 10 count on each followed by hammers.

Praises and prayers for Chipper, at home and walked 5,000 steps yesterday. Thoughts are to have him lead a Sludge like Q, remember the coach’s chair and Miller Lite?

Prayers for Crankbait’s sister and Sprinkler’s mother in law.

Covid vaccine information shared.

Crankbait led us out.

Glad you all were there to share in the suck.