Backblast 3/29/21 – School Six

Eight loyal PAX, one iffy PAX, and YHC arrived on time for a brisk Monday morning beat down. The loyals were; Crankbait, Dr. Evil, Epstein, Sprinkler, Water Wings, Boones Farm, Tent City, and Check Book. Sludge being iffy, as he signed up on the Q sheet, removed his name, and then showed up to the beat down, mumbling something about the loss of power at his house. I guess he was concerned about being able to shower before the workout?

We moseyed to the top of the hill and returned to the warm-o-rama circle where we began with chinooks, helicopters, hillbillies, and frankensteins. From there we moseyed to the school six and the PAX were pleasantly surprised to see seven cones already set up for the thang.

The thang was a pyramid of reps that went something like this, 1st cone = one rep of the prescribed exercise, 2nd cone = 2 reps, 3rd cone = 3 reps, 4th cone = four reps, 5th cone = three reps, 6th cone = two reps, and 7th cone = one rep, then mosey back to the 1st cone. Repeat through the entire list of exercises.

The exercise list was;
Thigh master
Mt. climber (IC)
Carolina dry dock
180 jump squat
Hand release merkin
Bobby Hurley
Shoulder tap (IC)
Star jump
Lt. Dan
Dying Cockroach (IC)

The music provided was 70’s and 80’s rock.

Mumblechatter was extremely light or I need to get my ears checked.

Praises and prayers for Chipper. Hopefully going home soon.
I thanked the PAX for the prayers over the past couple of years; my brother has a job at Harris Teeter in Kville, my wife is feeling much better every day, my mother in law is improving from her stroke several years ago, and my father has not fallen lately.
Continued prayers for Ryan Wickstrom battling cancer
Tent City requesting prayers for family that lost their 12 yr old son. And for his mother in law having a pace maker implanted.

Crankbait took us out.

Thank you for joining me.