Skate Rats Saturday backblast – Dice

Here’s a shocker…YHC signed up for the Q a bit late last night.  Around 9:30ish.  But no one else had signed up, so there’s that.

Woke up this AM and still no one else had signed up to attend. I was glad Boone’s Farm and Epstein joined the workout. Plus it was a beautiful morning. Mid 50’s temp, clear skies, and sunrise. Went something like this…


  • SSH – YHC
  • CDDs – Epstein
  • Sun gods with calf stretches – Boone’s Farm
  • Helicopters – YHC
  • Something else I can’t remember led by Epstein
  • Seam rippers – Boone’s Farm

The Thang – Dice

YHCs new Dry Erase Dice from Dollar Tree
  • We moseyed to different locations
  • Rolled both dice to select exercises for 2 stations. 
  • Third person ran, acting as the timer. 
  • Rotated twice through each station and the run.
  • Moseyed to new location and repeat the process


  • WWI dying cockroach – YHC
  • Crunchy frogs – Boone’s Farm
  • Low Dolly – Epstein
  • AH – YHC


  • 3 with the Q
  • Epstein, Boone’s Farm and Tardy
  • Prayers and praise for Chipper
  • Praise Boone’s Farm is through training for his new job. Will have a more stable schedule going forward and hopes to make more workouts.
  • Hoping Epstein has a smooth process of fixing his truck
  • Tardy’s father in law Wayne still in a lot of pain following back surgery a week ago. Pray his pain is taken away.
  • Epstein prayed us out. 
  • 22 for the troops and 5 more for Chipper.

I got a solid 6000 steps! Great way to start the day.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy