Backblast – Poison Ivey – 3/17/21 – “I’ll have an ab roll and a diet Coke” – a Crawdaddy production

Wait.!!!.These aren’t me Lucky Ab rolls!!!

Pax: Epstein, Mulligan, Gilmore, Lucky Charms, Weezy, Duvet, Fudd, Whamo, Wolverine, Shearcon, Crankbait, Broadside, Sludge, Bambi – Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

16 ab ready pax gathered under perfect skies to try to erase Sludge week even further from their hard drives. Being St. Patty’s day, Lucky was as spry as a fresh bar of Irish Spring under a kilt. He like all other other Walmart and Target shoppers clearly forgot that the “luck of the Irish” is about the worst you can have. Invasion, occupation, tyrannical rule, infighting, pestilence, famine and mass exodus.. So basically Lucky and Gilmore heading to the men’s stalls at the same time. With ole (white and Nerdy) Shearcon coming in hot on 2 wheels we mosiy’d into the gloom.

WAR: 10x Side Straddle Hops, Sun Gods (with achillies stretch), Helicopters, Abes 3 count, Hurdler Stretch to butterfly and lower back twist and Seam Rippers.

Partner Up: Head to road

Thang: Clear as mud – partner 1 drops does 10 LBCs single count as partner 2 runs to next pole does Bobby Hurleys waiting to be relieved. Once done partner 1 leapfrogs past #2 to next pole. Thus each partner does LBCs at every other pole. Omaha 3/4 way to Shields Rd.

Head back doing 10 single count Low Slow Flutters at each pole and Side Straddle Hops waiting on your partner.

It was a hit with no one but Epstein – who to be fair has just been sheared and may be light headed.

Mosey back to the main lot for partner sucicides.

Both partners advance to the line, one drops and does exercise while other runs back to base line , then switch. When second runner comes back, both travel to the next line and repeat.

Round 1 – Crunchy Frogs at each line. Was a horrible idea when I wrote it, didn’t get better in reality.

Round 2 – Dying Cockroaches. We nearly completed it, but my partner Broadside said I would have a broken taillight if we continued on. Omaha was wisely called.

Tclaps to Duvet and Shearcon for setting a Kenyan pace.


10 X LBCs, Low Slow Flutters, Dying Cockroaches and American Hammers.

Prayers and praises:

Chipper, Office Houle got home yesterday, Camping trip this weekend – good to see Wolverine and Candy Cane back in the swing of things..

Sludge graciously led us out. – Thanks.

Always a pleasure gents!

Crawdaddy (cráifisc in Galic) out!