Back Blast – Skate Rats – 3/6/21

7 loyal PAX arrived in the semi gloom eager an early morning beatdown! Pax in attendance: @Swiss Miss, @Wheezy, @ Boone’s Farm, @Flounder, @Epstein, @Kay, @Fudd


(10) Hillbillies

(10) Chinook Squats

(10) Frankensteins

(20) Mountain Climbers (by late to the party Boone’s)

(10) SS Hopps


4 Corners

Moseyed to the field in front of the school and did 4 corners. 10 reps at first corner, 20 reps at second corner, 30 reps at third corner and 10 reps back at starting corner.

Round 1 – Squats

Round 2 – Monkey Humpers

Plank Leap Frogs

Pax divided into two groups. First member of each group ran out 10 yards and held plank. Second member ran and jumped over first hold plank and went out another 10 yards and held plank and so on until the PAX made it way across the field. Once both teams finished, the teams reversed course and went back to the other side of the field using the same method.


PAX moseyed to the bus benches and did 7’s.

Round 1 – Dips (in cadence) , Lt Dans at bottom of hill

Round 2 – Step-ups at benches, Merkins at bottom of hill

Micro Murph

Pax Moseyed to track and completed 3 micro murphs consisting of the following:

(10) Pull-ups

(20) Merkins

(30) Squats


Pax moseyed back to the BB court for Mary

(13) Side Plank Push-ups (Thanks Epstein!)

(10) Outlaws (each direction)

(15?) Single Leg Flutters each leg (Thanks Swiss Miss!)

(15?) Freddy Mercury’s (Thanks Flounder!)

(20) American Hammers


Welcome back @Wheezy!. Continued prayers for Officer Houle. @Boone’s wife’s grand mother passing away this past week at 98 years old.

Always a pleasure to lead!