Backblast: Flashbang Friday, Tardy II

Eleven hardy souls joined in the gloom with expectation. We had some puts and takes–FNG Tony and Elaine were not able to make it, but Red Hot was a welcome addition as always.

The full Pax looked like this: Special, Sludge, Red Hot, Cube, Tardy, Gilmore, Flounder, Spicoli (Kotters), FNG’s Chris and Noah (well done, Spicoli), and QIC, Dr. Evil.

Tardy’s fourth anniversary with F3 was Wednesday, and he reminded us of what his first workout was like with the Q, YHC. It reminded us all that it’s supposed to be hard, and that pax will come to a difficult workout. Special penciled me in to Q, so it went like this.


  • EPIC FAIL WARNING: Slow Side Straddle Hops, IC, to 15 or so, will never be repeated. ’nuff said.
  • Sun Gods, Sobriety Style, 30 IC, reverso (yeah, Spicoli, you do feel the burn when you do enough of these…)
  • Hillbillies, 20 IC, far short of the threatened 50 that will happen some future workout

Mosey to the old school house for a pair of paver coupons for each of the pax and continue the mosey to the top of the hill for–

Thang 1

  • Run to bottom of the hill and complete 10 Starman’s
  • Run to the top of the hill and complete 1 burpee
  • Continue, always with 10 Starman’s at the bottom of the hill and progress to 7 burpees at the top.
  • Plank for the six. Cube crushed this–easily beating the field, but the FNG’s were definitely holding their own–Well done!

Lunge walk 60 total lunges toward Bodenhamer on the way to the back shelter.

Thang 2

  • 40 Dips, legs straight as you can keep them
  • 30 Derkins, close to the ground as possible
  • Repeato #crowdpleaser, but–once again–Flounder was in his element
  • third round eliminated to ensure time to get to other shelter work

Thang 3

  • 30 step ups with one leg, bicep curls with coupons on each rep
  • 30 step ups with other leg, overhead tricep extensions on each rep
  • 20 step ups, alternating, touching toes at the step up

Mosey back to School House to return coupons (thanks, Sludge for the leadership on this)

Mosey to the basketball court for:


  • Slo Mo Peter Parkers, 6 IC
  • LBC’s, 25 IC
  • American Hammers, 20 IC (apparently too slow)


  • FNG, Chris–originally from High Point, married, two small kids, works for Mars, school at Guilford College–welcome Kit Kat. The next time that you are named, don’t say “No, not Kit Kat”…hint, there isn’t a next time.
KitKat Chunky 4pk - Centra
Because “chunky” is funny
  • FNG, Noah–originally from High Point, married, two girls, pastor–wait, “executive pastor”, welcome “Monk Monk” or “Monk”, depending on what sticks.
Monk Fruit - Monk Fruit Extract - Raw Nutrition Facts - Sugar
Monk Monk FruitMonk Wiki
  • NoComprende’s daughter still rehabilitating, NoComprende plans to return to the gloom on Monday after resting his ankle and calf.
  • YHC’s sister, Barbara, with a not so good test result. Chemo today in Houston.
  • Red Hot confirmed that there is a fund raiser at KBC, Tap Room and Downtown location, for Office Houle and his family.
  • Tardy, Special, Blue Hen, Shear Conn, Cousin Eddie helped move furniture for a young man (7 years old) when he didn’t have anything else. Well done, gentlemen, well done. We’ll see how we can help again/more/more consistently. Also, mother had a stroke.

prayed out.

Always an honor to lead. I hope you got enough. It’s supposed to be hard.

Dr. Evil