Poison Ivey Backblast: Jump and Hop, v2.0

Perfect weather. 25 degrees and “felt like 17”. But at least the skies were crystal clear.

WAR – called on Pax to lead their favorites

  • SSH x20IC – YHC
  • Dipping dots – Bambi
  • Dean Vigodas – Gilmore
  • Frank and Stein – Duvet
  • Slow Hillbillies – Crankbait

The Thang

Visual representation of today’s workout

Van Halen – Jump

  • Continuous Mountain climbers. 
  • Burpee with each “jump”

Rolling Stones – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

  • Continuous Lt. Dans. 
  • Gorilla jump with each “jump” and hand release Merkin with each “gas”

Pointer Sisters – Jump for My Love

  • Continuous slalom jumps
  • Turkish get up with each “jump”

Brian Setzer Orchestra – Jump Jive an Wail

  • Continuous Freddie Mercury
  • Merkin with each “jump”

Harry Belafonte – Jump in Line

  • Continuous dipping dots.
  • Crabcake IC with each “jump”

Danny and the Juniors – At the Hop

  • Hold plank.
  • Burpee with each “Hop”

Zac Brown Band – Jump Right In

  • Bear crawl across parking lot. Crawl bear back. R&R for length of song.
  • Add +1 merkin each side, laddering up

House of Pain – Jump Around

  • Hold plank or Al Gore
  • Straight jump with each “jump” (my research shows 94 jumps)

6MoM – called on Pax to lead their favorites

  • low slow flutters – Epstein
  • Cindy Crawford – Shear Connection
  • Outlaws – Fudd
  • Homer and Marge – Restless Legs
  • Freddie Mercury – Crankbait
  • AH – x20IC – YHC


9 with the Q

Bambi, Epstein, Fudd, Duvet, Crankbait, Shear Connection, Restless Legs, Gilmore, and Tardy (QIC).

Prayers for Shear Conn’s daughter who just tested positive for Covid-19. Prayers for No Comprende’s daughter who is having hip surgery Friday. Plus pray No Comprende heals (injured his calf). Praise that Mulligan’s brother is making continued progress. Prayers for Bambi’s co-worker Lindsay.

Crankbait led us out. Great as always. We needed it.

22 for the troops.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy