Backblast: Skate Rats 2.13.2021

4 PAX and YHC convened on an icy morning for a little beat down to start Saturday off with a bang! The weather was no one’s favorite between dodging branches from ice, rain falling, wet shoes from puddles or water runoff. Thankfully, we all arrived safely.

Epstein, Flounder, Gilmore, Boone’s Farm, and YHC.

Shelter 1 was the center of the action and WOR went something like:

  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 IC Reverso
  • Abe Vigods X 10
  • Seam Rippers

The thang:

Complete one line of exercises and run a lap

We made it through 6 iterations. Completed over 3 miles – T-claps to Gilmore for picking up YHC – I was gassed on the last lap.

Prayers for Epstein’s M’s ex and their new baby who is quite premature. Pray for Mulligan, Bambi, Hook ‘em, and Cousin Eddy.

Epstein led us out.

An honor to lead and be led.