Winging it Q, North Aggression 2/10/20

With no one signed up to Q including my self. I was “vulturing” it up! At 5:15 am still no one had signed up so decided to wing it and see what @madoff, @elaine, and @Soulglow could come up with. Only to find @dr-evil and @boonesfarm showed up with the exact same mindset of winging it! So with no room left at the @fffkay cuddle-fest, we moseyed to some location yet un determined.

After moseying to the Circle of Pain, determination of a Q was needed….

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Some way or another even with calling “not it” Yours truly became the YHC.

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In the spirit of winging it YHC called on each pac member to pick an exercise.

It went something like this…

@dr-evil “1000 merkins on your pinky finger!!!” that quickly was modified to 100

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@boonesfarm “75 crazy leg jumping thingy”

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@drewjanderson ” 50 orangutan squats mixed with some jellyfishing and rocky balboas”

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@madoff ” Run around the block in circles with your eyes closed! ”

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We went for a few rounds with some other shenanigans and very little mumblechatter

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Monkey Humpers invasion on @fffkay Ao

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@whamo and @dr-evil getting alittle comfortable!
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Mary consisted of




Continued prayers for Dr Evil coworker Tara- Loved seeing us pray for her

YHC and M had some less than ideal news regarding “cooking 2.0”

I dont recall any others, but if I missed it im sorry!

YHC led us out

Always an honor to lead even if I didnt sign up!

Slice n Dice

P.s there you go @specialed!