Red White and Boom Skate Rats 2-8-21 Pick 3

Crawdaddy, Elaine, Madoff, Kay, Slice & Dice, Justin Stultz (FNG), and Site Q Sludge

With the mission statement, disclaimer, and instruction of the work out giving we gave Justin some time to tell us about himself.

Justin is married with 2 boys, born and still lives in Kernersville, knows Madoff, Elaine, and Slice and Dice, Graduated from East Forsyth High School, and owns a Beauty Shop downtown Kernersville.

His name will be forever known as Soul Glo

SOUL GLO (from the movie Coming to America) Nice call Cdaddy

Since the workout was named Pick 3 it went like this.

We ran through the park and at every bridge you stopped and picked 3 Exercises for you upper body, middle body, and lower body the rep count was 15. It was you verses you with no waiting. Then we had a coupon station of 5 blockies, 10 curls, and 15 Miliary presses;

Mary we did it.


Dr Evils Sister, Mulligans Brother Jon (finding a job), Bambi co-worker Lyndsy, Elaine sister in law vision Britiani, No Comprende’s daughter hip,

I led us out

Honor to facility not much leading with this one.