BackBlast: School Six 2/8/2021

PAX: Blue Hen, Duvet, Shear Conn, Wham-O!, Mulligan, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Water Wings, Special Ed (QIC)

9 PAX descended on the School Six to see what was in store for a Superb Owl Q. (Google searches increase this time of year as spell check changes Super Bowl to Superb Owl!)

Well, YHC’s Q started off about as great as the Chiefs offense……The Karaoke speaker’s Bluetooth would not cooperate, and (TMI here….) when YHC went to wipe his noes on his ski gloves, the plastic clip on the gloves to link them together cut his lip and bled the entire workout…..Sprinkler was my cut man in my corner, thankfully, and proclaimed it looked like it bled like a stuck pig…….

Racing time trying to get back to the School Six parking by 5:30 and the FNG safely in Sludge’s command, a quick mosey to pick up the Pax with no disclaimer and escort them to the back of the school

Warm a rama

Seam Rippers

Dean Vigodas

Sun gods both directions

Chinooks both directions


Mosey to the bottom of the School Six lot where Wienke’s were placed at the bottom of the lot and top of the lot.

The bottom of the lot list spelled out Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr and to equal the letters (because Mahomes couldn’t equal him on the field) the top of the lot spelled out Patrick Lavon Mahomes II JR (because II means JR) MVP

Yes, Duvet, it was uncreative in that almost everything on the top of the lot was a merkin….

Do the exercise, Sprint in between exercises to the other side, do the next exercise….

Maybe a Saturday Q could get the entire list, YHC thinks the most completed was down to the Reverse Lunges

With Checkbook knowing the exact time, Omaha was called and a mosey back to the cars for

20 Hammers

Prayers for Crank Bait and his family for his mother in law

Sprinkler led us out