Backblast: 2.6.2021

8 PAX descended into the Gloom for a bunch of ruckus. Really, it was YHC’s attempt at keeping everyone moving while also working some of this muscle and some of that. Epstein, Boone’s Farm, Crawdaddy, Fudd, Kay, Elaine, gilmore, and YHC.

We started with a long mosey to the other side of the park for WOR around the circle of first responders on Bodenheimer. Fudd had some cabbage yesterday, so our circle got a little lopsided, and of course nothing but praises from gilmore.

  • SSH X 20 IC
  • Frankensteins X 15 IC
  • SSH X 15 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 IC, reverso
  • SSH X 10 IC
  • Slow Seam Rippers X 5 IC
  • SSH X 5 IC

We moseyed through the woods, over a bridge, around some mud, through cat lady’s circle and over to the auditorium for the thang:

Two exercises at a stop, exercise 1 following the 20-15-10-5 descending reps while traveling a distance to complete exercise 2 following the 15-10-5 descending reps cadence.

  • At the auditorium – Merkins and LBCs IC
  • Long mosey to entrance of the school for – ranger irkins and squats on a curb – heels hanging off
  • Long mosey to the benches – Dips and either Big Boy Sit-ups or incline pull-ups
  • Mosey to the track – Lt Dan’s at 3 and 9 o’clock (thank you Crawdaddy for the orienteering) running two laps
  • To the BBall courts for suicides, wall sits, merkins and an added suicide to ensure 3 miles

Mary – crunchy frogs, 10 WWI’s OYO, Box cutters, Hammer

Prayers for Elaine’s sis-in-law’s vision to return (expecting a healing here!), crawdaddy’s coffee from Sheetz

Signup for camping trip in March – planning is soon to take place.

Kay led us out (I think 🤦🏻)

An honor and a pleasure to lead.