BackBlast: Friday 2/5/2021 Bus Benches

PAX: 13 PAX managed to safely navigate the airport ground crew signals and safely land at the KES Bus Benches

Flounder, Epstein, Change Order, Bambi, Blue Hen, Radar, Far Side, Tardy, Gilmore, Slice n Dice, Sludge, Dr. Evil, Ed…Special Ed (QIC)

A traveling disclaimer and mission were presented to the PAX as we moseyed down School St. through the parking lot and circle up for WAR:

Seam Rippers

Sungods each direction

Chinooks each direction

Windmills (by some definition) or helicopters, which by default, are each direction

With enough chatter heard but not listened to, it was time to do the classic Q’ing routine to break up mumblechatter:

Space ’em out, work ’em out, and get them running, that’ll shut them up.

First round was 5 Burpees, followed by a lap as shown.  Then 5 burpees and add 10 Merkins and then a lap.  Continue adding an exercise and then a lap.

Run a lap down school road and back through the parking lot

5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 thigh masters each leg

20 LBC’s (IC)

25 Carolina Dry Docks

30 Squats

35 Cindy Crawfords Each Side

40 Step ups – 20 each leg

11s for the front consisted of Inverted Pull Ups at the rail and Monkey Humpers at the benches waiting on the 6.


20 Hammers

Praise for Far Side’s mom and sister. Mom is recovering from from Covid and sister and family looked after her

No Comprende’s daughter

Cousin Eddie

Joel, Dr. Evil’s buddy from cousin

Trexler family with adopted kids. Gilmore’s customer


Any PAX who hasn’t posted in awhile

Slice n Dice’s M

Blue Hen led us out

22 for the troops

Additional prayer today for Muggsy, Sludge’s 2.0 that has Wisdom teeth surgery at 10:30 am today.

If you are playing at home, 2.22 miles recorded, 511 calories and 4,838 steps