Backblast: 2/5/21 School6

9 PAX joined QIC Monet in the damp gloom this morning. Sprinkler, Madoff, Crawdaddy, Crankbait, No Comprende, Kay, Checkbook, Mulligan, and Water Wings. Slice N Dice was on the roster, but apparently decided at the last minute, he was concerned about a little rain and decided to join Special’s group where he had a better chance of some shelter.

After we made it through some sort of disclaimer, (I hear those things are needed these days) we took a short mosey around to the back of the school, when YHC realized he left his speaker behind, we took a short detour to retrieve it circle up for WAR:


Dean Vigodas

Sun gods 2 directions

Seam Rippers

Once warm, we moseyed back to the back for the Thang of a few 7s with break in the middle. We commenced as follows:

Box cutters—Shoulder taps IC

WW1s—Rocky Balboas IC

LBCs IC—Merkins

LT Dans—Burpees

Break consisted of a bear crawl from one side of parking lot to the other with a casual lunge back to the starting line for the next round.

Dips—Carolina Dry Docks

Omaha was called for MARY:

Low Slow Flutters, Peter Parkers, and Hammers

Praises for Crawdaddy’s son achieving the rank of eagle scout. Continued prayers for Mulligan’s brother as he is now looking for a job. No Comprende’s daughter is awaiting a date for her hip surgery. (A request was made for a list of some of her favorite things as some PAX want to put a care package together for her) No Comprende expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the support and encouragement of his F3 family as they have reached out to check on him. Ryan Wickstrom has had a good week of treatment.

Crankbait led us out!

Until next time…