Backblast – Northern Aggression East– 2/3/2021

9 PAX (@dr-evil, @fffkay, @handy, @pacer, @boones farm, @blue-hen, @No Comprende, @sprinkler and YHC Flounder) and 1 no show fartsacker @checkbook met to brave the blustery winter wind for a beatdown that consisted of a mix of exercises and running of approximately 2 miles.

Warmaroma: at H & S Motors parking lot

  • Seal Jacks
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sean rippers
  • Imperial Squats (In honor of the no show @Checkbook)

We then moseyed to the front steps of the old chapel at MSUMC for a little partner work.

  • Round 1 – partner 1 does Makhtar N’Diayes while partner 2 does an Irkin’s at each step on the way up and a derkin’s on each step on the way down. (Switch) Real crowd pleaser.
  • Round 2 – partner 1 does LBC’s while partner 2 does a squat at each step on the way and a squat on each step on the way down. (Switch)

We then moseyed over to the wind blocked parking lot for the main Thang 100x4x2 – 5 stations around parking lot. Do 4 exercises starting with 10 reps each and increased by 5 at each station to max of 30 reps each for a total of 100 reps of each exercise.

  • 1st circuit- Carolina Dry Docks / LBC’s (ic) / Crab cakes (ic) / Thigh Masters (ea leg)
  • 2nd Circuit – Merkin’s / Monkey Humpers  / Pretzel Crunch’s (ea side) / Mountain Climbers

Moseyed back to the bank for Mary.

  • Ab Roll – again in honor of no show @checkbook and lead by his buddy @Blue hen

Pray Concerns:

  • Dr evil’s sister Barbara
  • No Comprende’s daughter Kamala
  • Pacer’s friend Tim
  • Dr Evils college friend Joel
  • Praise that number of vaccinations are increasing for Covid

@Sprinkler lead us out.

Hope you got enough!