F3 Backblast: Saturday Wintery Traveling Improv – 1/30/21

This was the last F3 workout of January, and I think we made it count.

8 pax posted for an hour of wintery goodness. Even Epstein had a long sleeve shirt and pants.

The improv Q by Tardy went something like this….

Mosey around the back of the school.

WAR – pax led their favorites

  • SSH x15ic by YHC
  • Hillbillies by Duvet
  • Speed skaters by Spurrier
  • Mountain climbers by Kay
  • Seam rippers by Gilmore

The Thang – Wintery Traveling Improv

First we did a series up and down the school six lot. 

  • Travel by bear crawl, Merkin on each line.
  • Travel by lunge, squat on each line
  • Travel by backwards run, burpee each line
  • Travel by walk, LBC each line, adding 1+ for each line (1, then 2, then 3, etc)

Next we formed threesomes at the track

  • P1 pull ups
  • P2 low slow flutters
  • P3 run track (this was the timer)

Rotate twice through each of the three stations

Then we paired up at the benches

  • P1 dips
  • P2 run across parking lot to fence

R&R until Omaha called

  • P1 Step ups
  • P2 Merkins x10 (this was the timer)
  • (After 3 cycles of x10 merkins I cut the merkins to x5)

R&R until Omaha called

Then mosey to front of school lawn

  • Crab walk as far as possible, then modify 

Then mosey to front of school entrance

  • Find a curb
  • 7’s of Rocky Balboa’s and Merkins

Next travel to side lot of school

  • Circle up
  • Hold Al Gore throughout. Each pax took turn calling for a single burpee, so we got 8 total

Then stop at side of auditorium for 1min of balls to the wall.

Finally travel to 4th of July Park for a couple of sprints, from one speed bump to the other. Then back. 

6MoM – called on Pax to lead 

  • LBCs by No Comprende (perfect cadence on his first attempt to lead an exercise at F3. T-Claps)
  • Side plank push ups by Epstein
  • Superman by Flounder (missed by Hook ’em!!!)
  • Slow AH x15ic by YHC


8 with the Q

Duvet, Gilmore, Flounder, No Comprende, Kay, Spurrier, Epstein, Tardy (QIC)

Prayers: No Comprende’s daughter has upcoming hip replacement and we pray she will be able to continue her dream to enter the military after her recovery. Prayers for Brian Lane MD, a friend and colleague of Tardy who was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and has been given about 1 year to live. Prayers for Bambi’s co-worker Lindsay fighting colon cancer. Prayers for Cousin Eddie and family. Prayers for family who goes to church with Duvet that is dealing with past abuse of their child by a family member. Friend of Kay named Jennifer who has lingering alteration of her taste following Covid-19. F3 campout, sign up.

No Comprende led us out with an inspired prayer.

22 in honor of the veterans.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy