Backblast Friday 1/29/21. the frigid Bermuda Triangle

YHC, Checkbook was looking for at least 3 additional Pax members to join him in the 22 degree gloom for an isosceles inspired beatdown. I got my 3 plus 10 more.

slice-n-dice, blue hen, gilmore, special ed, kay, newbie grandpa – florida, madoff, sludge, dr. evil, chipper, epstein, duvet, red hot.

WOR: dean vigodas, seam rippers, SSHs, imperial squat walkers.

The Thang: ab station at the bball court, leg station at shelter 1 (also known as the convalescence center (ask dr. evil), arm/chest station at the cul-de-sac. broke up into 4 groups. a group starting at each station, and a travel group. in a tag team fashion, group one moseys to station one to relieve the group that stated there, and performs the assigned exercise as group two moseys to the next station. each group performs the assigned exercise AMRAP until relieved by the trailing group. sounds simple. it wasn’t. even gilmore complained. F3 mantra: make it difficult and they will come.

6MOM: 15 IC count ab roll and AHs.

COT: Prayers for Cousin Eddie and his wife, No Comprende’s daughter, Family friend of Special Ed, the Bagwells. Father/husband, Brent passed quickly after contracting COVID. Only 51 years old. Leaves behind 2 sons in college, a daughter in high school and a wife he had been with since age 14. We are promised nothing. Appreciate it while you have it.

F3 Camping Trip. Ask Gilmore for details.

Always an honor, and feeling “Freed to Lead”, Checkbook is out!