Heavy Roadtrip 3.0 : Backblast for Feats of Strength 01/25/21

After driving a round trip of 2400 miles to Texas and back last week, YHC felt it was time to take the FOS Pax on another a road trip…

WARM-O-RAMA. @Basketball courts. Called on Pax to lead their favorites…

  • SSH x20IC led by YHC
  • Dipping dots led by Bambi
  • Imperial squat walkers led by Dr Evil
  • Abe vigodas led by Epstein
  • Seam rippers led by Hook ’em 

Slice and dice showed up midway through WAR. I am sure Boone’s Farm would have been just as impressed as YHC.

The Thang:

Most of our travel was by Lunges.

Thang 1: tennis courts

  • Wonderbras x10
  • AH x10ic
  • Turkish get ups x10 each side

R&R for 3 total sets

Run laps around tennis courts for the six.

Early on I noticed the Pax was surprisingly quiet. We laughed some. There was mumble chatter. But it was mostly a shut up and work hard kinda morning.

Thang 2: bathroom

  • Curls x10
  • BTTW 1 min (modify to plank as needed)
  • Thigh masters x10ic each leg

R&R for 3 total sets.

YHC is certain the security cameras caught some nice views. You’re welcome.

Thang 3: amphitheatre, get a bench

  • Flys x10
  • Step-ups x10 each leg
  • Lawnmowers x10 each arm

R&R for 3 total sets

Thankful Fudd and Hook ’em corrected me when I tried to skip the lawnmowers one time.

Thang 4. Back to the Tennis courts.

Bear crawl across both courts.

Frog hops back across both courts (a real crowd pleaser, selected by Slice and Dice)

6mom @basketball courts I called on Pax to lead their favorites…

  • Freddie mercury Flounder
  • Box cutters led by Deliverance
  • Cindy crawford led by Blue Hen
  • Outlaws led by Fudd
  • AH x19ic led by YHC


  • COR 10 with the Q
  • NOR Flounder, Epstein, Dr Evil, Deliverance, Hook ’em, Bambi, Blue Hen, Fudd, Slice and Dice, Tardy QIC
  • Prayers: various Pax going through personal struggles and family concerns, Deliverance brother in Law (F3 name Sloppy joe) having a recurrence of cancer, praise for Hook Em’s daughter for college acceptances and doing things the right way, YHC glad to be back, YHC thankful for safe travels to Texas and the opportunity to spend a priceless week with my grandmother. Dr Evil led us out.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy

Where I-40 crosses the Mississippi river in Memphis
My campsite in Central Tennessee, overlooking lake
BBQ Brisket from Angelo’s in Fort Worth TX
Civil war era foundry at my campground in Alabama