Old School Saturday Beatdown 1.23.2021

9 PAX gathered in the gloom to see what YHC had in store – Gilmore, Pacer, Boone’s Farm, Swiss Miss, Kay, Epstein, Flounder, Madoff, and YHC.

WOR was of the roving sort – mosey to shelter 1 for goof balls. Mosey to shelter 2 for seam rippers. Mosey to shelter 3 completing sun gods in motion to where we completed Abe vigoda’s.

The thang involved movement around all the AO. Mosey to shelter 1 – dips IC / Irkins X 20 – repeato (crowd pleaser). Mosey to shelter 2 for Step ups / PAX choice (monkey humpers) X 15 – repeato. Mosey to shelter 3 for LBCs / WWI X 15 – repeato.

Mosey to the cul-de-sac for two consecutive train whistles for Gilmore – 10 burpees.

Mosey to the track – one lap / 10 pull-ups – repeato

Mosey to the benches for 7’s – Bulgarian split squats each leg / either Big Boy sit-ups or Inverted pull-ups.

Mosey to school entrance for curb bangers / crawl bear / derkins / bear crawl – repeato

Mosey to Sludge’s instruction from yesterday in the parking lot – 5/10/15 – merkin/lunge each leg/ WWI

Mosey to the BBall court – 1 suicide and 10 travolta’s

Mary’s – Cindy left side, dying cockroaches, 6 inch leg lift into low dolly’s into box cutters, Cindy right side, Hammers

Prayers for Pacer’s friend who had a heart attach and stints put in – scary situation for sure, Kay’s aunt who’s husband and dog passed away most recently.

Random musings – Epstein said we could stop and build in time to do sun god’s stationary instead of in motion – touché. Kay was adamant about not doing curb bangers – did not check to see if he modified. YHC found himself in the back of the pack most of the morning, so many PAX stepped up to add filler – thank you! Chipper was exceptionally loud this morning (hope all is well). Boone’s farm just noticed the basketball hoops are crooked – glad we got that one squared away. Swiss Miss does fingertip plank – who does that, really, but really impressive too! Gilmore noticed it was a Q of old where all the park and KES was used – and he liked it – appreciate the nod. Epstein gallops around the track – he doesn’t run, it’s not human. Pacer is not far behind the gallop – maybe YHC is slow. Flounder just kills it and doesn’t have time to mince words. Madoff went off the rails with 7’s – he was doing circles on the hills and we almost left him in the dust.

YHC led us out. Always a pleasure.