Recipe for a fried ring shape food item backblast-1/22/21

Forget the Krispy Kreme Run, this was the Krispy Kreme posting event. With YHC being called out for fart-sacking, what better way to redeem oneself than to take a Q. Even better was to put a BOGO coupon for his fellow pax to enjoy a doz donuts ( which by the way expires on the 25th)

With the Pax fully aware that no food trivia was in store for today, YHC started the fryer with a near perfect disclaimer and short mosey to the “Cat Lady Circle.”

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Recipe for fried ring shape thingys

Yield: 11 pax @dr-evil, @drewjanderson, @flounder, @blue-hen, @radar , @farside, @fffkay, @handy, @monet, @changeorder

Prep time( WOR):


-Mtn Climbers

-Arm Circle thingys ( In honor of @BoonesFarm)

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@epstein showing up to the wrong Q after we started. He was actually wearing a shirt!
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YHC translating @dr-evil comment about his socks

Time: till its done

Step #1 MIXING

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Time to mix it all up- Mosey to Flea Circus Q and invade territory.

Mix ingredients throughly- 20 Freddy Mercury

-15 Peter Parker ( Plus or minus)

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@sprinkler Enough said!

-15 Parker Peters


now that everything is mixed up got to let it rise some.

Bring Sally Up- Hold Al Gore while holding a massive donut, jump up for air squat when sally goes up.

Sometimes your dough rises to much so you need to punch it down

Watch the World's Fastest Mochi Maker Beat the Living Crap Out of Some  Sticky Rice | First We Feast

Don’t Bring me Down-Electric Light Orchestra- Hold a plank when “Down” was sang Maktar N Diayesto punch down the dough


This step is important to ensure the continued elasticity of the dough. However YHC intentionally placed this step later in the cycle

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Step #4 FRYING

Since collectively we have very little fire training, YHC felt it was his responsibility to remind the Pax how to put yourself off if your on fire.

“Stop, Drop, Roll and Merkin” SSH to begin, when ” FIRE” was yelled out by Pax, we had to ensure our fire was out. This was done by Stopping, Dropping, rolling left with merkin and then rolling right with merkin and continue with SSH

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What @elaine thought he looked liked.
chem lab safety video - Album on Imgur

Donuts aren’t just Round!

Bear claw- Bear Crawl down and back on the BBall Court

txt: bear claws | Tumblr

Lunge Suicide ( I have no idea how that related)

Step #4 EAT IT

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You have worked hard, time to eat your craftmanship

Eat It by Al Yankovic- Carolina Dry Docks- Teeth to the concrete on “Eat It”

After you eat some many, puke is inevitable. Nothing likes puke more than…

Dying Cockroaches

Why Do Cockroaches Die On Their Backs? » Science ABC

Final Step #5 Box it up on you 6

Time to box your creations-

Box cutters

6 inches

‘Merican Hammers

Praise, Prayer request:

Farside’s momis back home and he is still recovering. Glad to have him back in the Gloom!!!!

Dr Evil’s friend Tara

Blue Hen’s mom received covid vaccine

YHC baby is doing well from what we have seen on scan.

Farside lead us out

Honor to Lead

To God be the GLORY!

Slice n Dice

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YHC out!