But I do have a speaker

15 PAX converged at the entry to Ivey Redmond Sports complex to invigorate each member toward male community leadership, make fun of others, and some even came to get in a workout before starting the day. The posting PAX included Mulligan (tight capris), Hook-Em, Gilmore, Sludge, Madoff, High Heels, Shear Conn, Bambi (new lularoe), Crankbait, Chipper, Water Wings, Special, Crawdaddy, Wham-O, and Epstein (QIC).

Any doubts about the Q’s plans or thorough planning were washed away and replaced with full confidence when the announcement came that he did have a speaker. The full group began by mosying to the main upper parking area for:

Warm-O-Rama – SSH IC x 20 + Peter Parkers IC x 20 _ sun gods IC x 13 (repeato) + Parker Peters IC x 20 + Cherry Pickers IC x 15 + Don Q’s IC x 15

Mosey to the shelter with your partner for 43 CDD OYO with BTTW – flapjack with partner. This was no tribute to The King Richard Petty but a momentary nod to QIC’s birthday in the rearview from last Wednesday. After completing one round we moseyed with partners to the other side of the asphalt for travelling lt. dans and IW with partners (flapjack). Mass confusion with backward lt dans broke out from the curb thanks to an uninvited and nonsensical question from one of the PAX… of course you go back from the curb Sludge!

A quick mosey to the bottom of the parking lot set us up perfectly for some bernie sanders’ (crowd pleaser) on the hill. Four minutes uphill and back down proved to be just about enough for most PAX.

Mosey to the soccer field for Blackjack. Merkins on one sideline and LBC’s on the other from 1 up to 20 with the sum always adding up to 21 – BLACKJACK!

The squishy turf on the field was too good to go anywhere else so we circled up for Mary.

6MOM – Freddy Mercury IC x 20 + crunchy frogs IC x 15 + AH IC x 20.

Prayers: PAX members and family’s in need of prayers for marriages and injuries, our nation and leaders, Jim’s continued recovery at home, John, Barbara, Lyndsay

Sludge took us out holding plank – Thanks Brother!

It is an honor and privilege to lead!