Backblast: Bus Benches 1.15.21 – 7-Eleven

Several PAX entered the gloom this morning to see if there would be any slurpee’s or hot dogs. To their dismay, they were greeted with a terribly botched disclaimer and a whole lot of moving.

We began with a mosey around the block and circled up for warm-o-rama:

  • Goof balls
  • Sun God’s
  • Abe Vigoda’s
  • Seam Rippers

Once warm, YHC explained the routine. Simple, yet effective. Split the PAX into two groups. Group 1 starts with 7’s – Dip’s IC & FloRida Squats on the hill with a bear crawl up to the bench. Group 2 starts with 11’s – Irkin’s & WWI’s with a mosey to the stop sign of your choice. We had time for a real crowd pleaser at the end – ladder down from 5 burpees with a sprint to the fence from the yellow line in the parking lot.

A special appearance for Mary by Dr. Evil which consisted of:

  • LBC’s
  • Dying (not dead yet) Cockroaches
  • Hammers

PAX in attendance: Epstein, Water Wings, Gilmore, Handy, Hook ’em, Shear Con, Crawdaddy, Dr. Evil, Mulligan, Bambi, Fudd, Flounder, Chipper, Broadside, Wham-O, Checkbook, and YHC

Prayers – Jim Clodfelter home from rehab today, Dr. Evil’s co-worker Tara (6 deaths in the family over the past year).

Announcement – tab on Q sheet for camping on Shear Conn’s land in Danbury. T-Claps to those leading efforts to engage the community!

YHC led us out.

An honor to lead gentlemen.