BackBlast – Ivy Redmond – 1/13/2021 by Fudd

With Fudd coming in on two wheels, no intro or disclaimer, the mosey began to the upper lot. Pax in attendance: Crawdaddy, Shear Conn, Bambi, Sludge, Mulligan, Epstein, Hookem, Chipper, Gilmore and Crankbait.


Exercises:    (10) Sun Gods Forward

                     (10) Sun Gods Backward

                     (10) Frankensteins

(10) Hillbillies

                     (10) Side Straddle Hops

The Competition

The PAX broke up into two groups. I knew the workout wasn’t going to go well when they couldn’t even get the groups right! Here was the workout.

There were stations setup at the concession area, playground and shelter. 4 rounds of exercises were completed at each station by each team repeating Round 1. All reps had to be completed by team with no set number/person specified. At the end of each round, a lunge walk on patio back to picnic tables was completed.

Concession Area

Round 1 – Step-Ups    80/100

Round 2 – Merkins       80/100

Round 3 – LBCs             200/250

Round 4 – Burpees       20/25


Round 1 – Gorilla Squats      120/150

Round 2 – Pull-Ups           40/50

Round 3 – Leg-Ups            80/100

Round 4 – Erkins                100/125


Round 1 – Down Steps/Up Hill         40/50

Round 2 – Derkins                 80/100

Round 3 – Freddy Mecury’s          100/125

Round 4 – Thigh Masters         100/125


Exercises: (15) Dying Cockroackes

(10) Cindy’s (each side)

Mudder Fudders

(20) American Hammers    

Prayer Request and Announcements

Sludge and Gilmore friend Tommy spent time with his friend Phil who died of cancer. What an amazing selfless act! F3 camping trip March 20th. Praises for Bambi’s friend Lindsey’s cancer treatment is working. Continued prayers for Chipper’s son. Epstein’s Birthday, 5 burpees. Sludge prayed us out.

Always a pleasure!