Feats of Immense Strength BackBlast 1/11/21

Everyone, even Tardy, showed up at 0525 versus the erroneous post time of 0625. Two PAX were flying there colors this morning. YHC showed up in a gifted tee shirt (thanks Duvet) with a big Superman emblem on front.. appropriate. Bambi arrived in Cleveland Browns attire from head to toe. It had been 17 years since he last wore the shirt to signify a Browns playoff appearance so the shirt was alittle tight but he managed. Congrats Bernie, Ozzie, Baker, Jim, Otto… and the many other Cleveland greats.

PAX that signed up all posted: Flounder, Blue Hen, Tardy, Deliverance, Bambi, Dr. Evil, and YHC.

Warm: SSH, Frankensteins, Abe Vigodas, Seam Rippers, Hillbillies, mosey… there was a persistent cough coming from the Q solely due to the cold temps and loud counting.

Thang: Four rounds of eight stations. Each station was 45 seconds with a 15 second rest between stations. There was three stations where the Q allowed some flexibility.. not in stretching but in decision making between which exercise to pick. It proved valuable in the fourth round for sure.

  1. Low Slow Flutters (not low slow cursing)
  2. Forward Arm Extensions (Q favorite) or Monkey Humpers (some one else’s favorite)
  3. Shoulder Press (Q favorite) or Goblet Squats
  4. Suicides
  5. Dips
  6. Irkins or Step Ups
  7. Curls
  8. Suicides

I am realizing as I type this that several of the exercises are misspelled on the sheets at each station. It was cold, I was tired, I didn’t have my readers on, or I just didn’t care as I wrote them.. They have been used for months and no one said anything. Kind of amazing and tolerant for this group.

The music came on and everyone was inspired to greatness. Mumford, Billy, Florence, Tom, Linkin, REM, 3 Doors.. all played a part in getting the blood moving and pulse pulsating.

It’s good when the sweat is pouring through your shirt even though it was 29 degrees this morning. Thanks everyone for getting it done!!

Mary: Stretching exercises…three of them that will go nameless, but yes, we did stretch and it felt good! Hammers.

COT: Dr. Evil began the conversation talking about the Old Testament and Foreskins. I thought he was about to take out a knife at that very moment but it all turned out ok.

We spoke about friends and family with Covid and those with cancer. Praying for and over ourselves and those around us has unending benefits on several levels. God is good!

Tardy led us out and then 22.

Honor to be a part of this great group of fine men.

Hook Em