BackBlast: Pain in the Park School Six 1/9/2021

9 PAX, Duvet, Tardy, Fudd, Gilmore (Kotters), Kay (Kotters), Pacer, CrawDaddy, Sludge and Special (QIC) gathered in the icy tundra for a Saturday beatdown

With cold setting in, the mission and disclaimer were provided along with a note that today marked YHC’s 5th Anniversary with F3. YHC was proud to have Sludge their today as he EH’d YHC in 2015 and into 2016. EHing in F3 lingo is an Emotional Headlock on someone until they post as an FNG. In Sludge’s world that means effectively holding me hostage at 6:10am one Saturday and threating violence if YHC did not get in his truck in my driveway……It should also be noted that with pride YHC explained the lineage from me to Sludge to Sludge’s EH, Gilmore, which then led Sludge on the story that Gilmore didn’t post for Sludge’s FNG workout, meaning Sludge had to go it alone as an FNG.

With all PAX assumed and counted for, we moseyed to the Skate Rats Cat Warm up Circle, as School Six was the only AO this fine morning and had the entire park and school to ourselves


Sungods – Forward and Reverse

Chinooks – Forward and Reverse

Seam Rippers – Just forward…..


Have Wienke will Travel

With the PAX sufficiently warmed and full of mumblechatter, we were off to the Dr. Evil Memorial Convalescent Center. At this point, Boone’s Farm decided to impersonate Tardy and make us 10 PAX in the Gloom.

A wise F3’er said years ago, “A good workout is where the Q keeps us moving, and uses a lot of the AO”

With 5 old Wienke’s in hand, this was the most Dean like improv YHC’s analytic nature could provide. YHC didn’t know what was next, but surely looking through 5 Wienke’s, could come up with something. With it all written down, but nothing written down, the following is from what memory is left:

Dr. Evil’s Shelter :

Dips, Step Ups, Derkins

Mosey to Shelter 2:

LBCs, Plank Jacks, Crunchy Frogs

Mosey to Shelter 3:

Derkins again, Dips and Carolina Dry Docks?

Mosey from Shelter 3 and a question was raised if we needed to leave the light on. It became evident that QIC had lots of paper in his hand, but no real direction of where this Q was headed. For some reason this sense of organized chaos led Sludge to mumble something about YHC’s ability to Q…..Sticks and Stones….

Mosey over the frozen bridge with Crawdaddy’s PSA that bridges ice over before roads (Crawdaddy is like our AllState, we’re always in good hands….)

Arrive at the guardrail at School Six for dips

Mosey to the Bus Benches for alternating Rocky Balboas and dips

Mosey to the track for alternating 10 pull ups and CopperHead Squats. For YHC’s turn at pull ups, I instinctively jumped to provide enough upward force to perform a pull up (as Clydesdales aren’t generally fans of pull ups). To YHC’s surprise, losing 25 lbs helps the ole pull up get performed easier (who knew, right?) With said jumping force (YHC has touched the rim at the basketball court before, hops baby!) and a little weight shed; this combination proved just enough to send YHC’s head into the pull up bar itself. Once again proving, if you can’t do it, don’t Q it…..

Thankfully, YHC’s head is harder than his physique, so no paramedics were needed, we moseyed to the baseball hill for 10 forward and 5 reverse hills

It should be noted that 5 years ago, Kryptonite engageg the PAX in 15 reverse hills on same said hill, and added Monkey Humpers at the top and something at the bottom…..YHC didn’t know on Day 1 that mumblechatter was essential in complaining of backward hills. The same hill that nearly drove YHC from never coming back to an F3 workout is a source of inspiration to add to as many Q’s as possible.

With the PAX’s little piggies nice and cold from the hill work, a mosey was called to the front of the school.

11s with Derkins on the curb at the school cover and Monkey Humpers at the road (who knew “at the road” needed to be explained) No, not at the other side of the school cover, the actual road called Mountain St.

Omaha was called for time, with Gilmore scoffing at this request and finishing out his set. Thankful for the push during 11s from Gilmore to pick up the pace.

Mosey to the School Six Parking for Mary:

20 count Ab Roll

20 count Hammers

Prayers for many PAX.

Good discussion regarding the mission of F3 and it’s tenets.

Sludge led us out in an on point plank prayer

YHC recorded 3.02 miles, 6306 steps and 716 kcals burned, what more can you ask for?

An honor to lead today, be led most days over the last 5 years, and grow so much as a Christian, father, husband and leader in connection with you all.