F3 improv at school six – backblast

I was expecting to workout in some snow and ice. Slightly disappointed in the lack of wintery precip. But the comraderie made up for the weather forecast miss.


  • SSH x20IC led by YHC, Tardy
  • Pax led their favorites:
    • “small arm circles” x20IC led by Pacer
    • imperial squat walkers x20 led by Dr Evil
    • Seam rippers x20IC led by Handy

The Thang – Improv

At the guardrail

  • Monkey humpers x20IC
  • Side plank push ups x10IC ea side
  • Derkins x20IC

Moseyed to 4th of July Park, found Madoff for “birthday monkey humpers”

In 4th of July Park

  • Copperhead squats x20IC
  • LBCs x20IC
  • Hand release merkins x20

Travel to school front. Included mosey, traveling lunges, and standing long jumps.

Front of school

  • Mountain climbers x20IC
  • Burpees x20

Front of school walkways were heavily salted, so Dr Evil suggested Pretzel Crunches, so we did 20IC each side.

Series of three Sprints around side of school.

Bus benches. Turkish get ups x10 ea side

Hand Rails.

  • Big boy sit ups x20
  • Rowers x20


  • Pax led their favorites
    • Super slow Peter Parkers x10 by Dr Evil
    • Dirty Homer/Marge” by Handy (a real highlight)
    • Gas pumps x20 by Pacer (Flounder would have been Proud)
  • AH x20IC – Tardy


4 with the Q

Pacer, Handy, Dr Evil, and Tardy (YHC)

Prayers: For our nation and that people can come together just a bit more, Bambi’s co-worker Lindsay battling colon cancer, Pacer aquaintance who was 44 and suddenly passed from a seizure leaving behind a girlfriend and child, 17 year old son of local school teacher who had been healthy and on swim team but had serious complications from Covid-19 and remains in ICU.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy