Backblast – Ivy Redmond – 1/6/2021

13 loyal PAX members gather in the gloom on a cold windy morning. PAX in attendance: Sludge, Granny Panties, Bambi, Shear Conn, Dean, Change Order, Hookem, Duvet, Crankbait, Epstein, Whamo, Broadside. After a short gathering and an epic intro was delivered, the mosey to the upper parking lot commenced.


Exercises:        (10) Side Straddle Hops

                        (10) Frankensteins

                        (10) Chinooks – Sobriety Style (each direction)

                        (10) Hillbillies

The Thang!

Round 1 – Hill Soccer Field (THE ENTIRE FIELD 🙂 )

5’s                    Burpees (Top)

                        Lt Dans (End of Field)

Crab Walk down hill, Bear Crawl up

Round 2 – Concession/Playground

7’s                    Dips (Picinic Tables)

                        Pull-ups (Playground)

Round 3 – Shelter/Steps

11’s                  Derkins (Top)

                        Thigh Master (each leg) (Bottom)


Exercises:                    (10) Outlaws

                                    (10) Cindy’s (each side)

                                    Supermans (Sorry Hookem!)

                             Mudder Fudders


Note: Boom box was lacking the boom, more like just a box. However, it would have been more affective if I had found the volumn prior to the workout!

Prayer Request/Praises: Crankbait’s friend with cancer, tumors shrinking with treatment. Crawdaddy’s wife’s procedure. Glimore comes off quarantine today (beware!). Bambi’s co-worker Lindsey cancer screening next week. Shear Conns friends son with back pain is not cancer but a hereditary condition.

Always a pleasure to lead!