Backblast – Bus Benches

13 Hearty Pax rolled out of bed this morning for the beatdown: Crankbait, Duvet, Fudd, Water Wings, Checkbook, Special Ed, Dean, Madoff, No Comprende, Blue Hen, Crawdaddy, Sprinkler, Shear Conn

WOR: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, Cotton Pickers

The thang: Run to the track for 10 pullups, Compete a lap around track and head to the Post Office for 5 burpees, Run to Korners Folly for 10 merkins, Run to Giada’s for 10 WWIs, Back to Post Office for 5 burpees, Back to track for a lap and 10 pullups. When completed, 11’s at the rails for back rows/ Urkins at the benches. Congrats to those for making the full circuit and getting to the 11s. Congrats to Madoff and Dean for finishing while talking and giggling like two schoolgirls all the way.

According to Crawdaddy’s ankle bracelet installed by his PO: 3.38 miles

Mary: Low slow flutters led by Crawdaddy, Cindys, LBCs led by Blue Hen.

Prayer concerns: Ryan Wickstrom (Friend of Crankbait) undergoing cancer treatment. Son of Shear Conn friend with cysts on lung – No diagnosis yet.

Praise for No Comprende on his efforts this morning. He kept moving when his body told him to quit. T claps to Blue Hen for staying alongside and providing encouragement.

Blue Hen Led us out.

Thanks for letting me lead and not egging my truck.

Shear Conn