BackBlast Friday Bus Benches

YHC went to sleep with 7 signed up and 7 Bus Benches, so a workout was prepared….(Dean, the word for today is Prepare….)

YHC woke up this morning to 15 signed up and still 7 Bus Benches, so YHC had to improvise (Dean, you know that word)

With print-outs ready to go, YHC traveled early to the AO. Wham-o! was already there tip-toe-ing around in his sprinting style. Broadside was checking his list on the police pc, trying to find out who’s been naughty overnight.

Dr. Evil wasn’t there yet, but at home posting on Slack that he is just innocently minding his own business……

With everyone eager to see what perfect form looked like and Sludge complaining it was already 5:30, we moseyed to the lit warm up circle for WOR:

Seam Rippers (deviate from the traditional SSH and the PAX don’t know how to handle it)



SSHs now that we are good and loose…

14 Wienke’s were passed out with Sludge and Far Side determined to buddy up and take one.

The objective was for the PAX to identify which bench they were assigned and since we were doubled up, 1 PAX would start with the exercise and 1 would start with the Run.

Each bench had the following exercises in random order to help with the congestion at the bench. Hopefully proper form was used for each exercise which means the PAX need not look at YHC’s form for anything…..

Bench 1

20 SHOULDER TAPSRun to Mountain St
25 BOX JUMPSRun to Nelson St back through parking lot
25 LBCsRun to Football Fence
20 STEP UPSRun to Handrail, down and around
25 DIPSRun a Lap at the Track
25 REVERSE LBCsRun to front of school
25 IRKINSRun to Gate at Track
25 ROCKY BALBOASRun Hill behind benches
25 CAROLINA DRY DOCKSRun to near Goal Post
25 CURB BANGERSRun to far Goal Post

Next Q, YHC will instruct if more than 7 PAX to have one start at the top of the list and the other at the bottom for even greater separation.

YHC used this list in August, and at the point of 25 Box Jumps realized this number didn’t get changed from the last Q…..but YHC managed 25 Box Jumps and no broken teeth…..

Omaha was called in enough time to get in the following for MARY:

20 Ab Lobster Rolls – The shear joy YHC had when we rotated from left side Cindy’s to left side pretzel crunch and the PAX begrudgingly realized what they were in for…..that is the reason you Q

15 Hammers

Praises and Prayers:

Tent City’s travels and grandfather

FarSide’s friend

Dr. Evil’s sister

Monet’s parents

Tent City took us out


Dr. Evil, Tent City, Checkbook, Broadside, Mulligan, Far Side, Monet, Caddy, Water Wings, Flounder, Wham-O!, Kay, Sludge, Red Hot, Special QIC