Heartbreak of the Triad

Wednesday December 16th

6-1/2 Pax members with the Q.  Posted this morning to travel through each lane of the drive thru at First Citizens Bank. 

Pax: Dr Evil, Sprinkler, Special Weather Forecast, Wham O, Madoff, Granny Panties (1/2)

So one might ask how could we have 6-1/2 pax members. Well when Granny Panties did not like our work out so he went over to Northern Aggression West. Then when he did not like their workout he would come back to ours. As I paid more attention to this confused Pax member he would swap AO when running was involved.

Q: Sludge

Explained the running course for the workout so everyone would know where to go.



Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods


Side Straddle Hops

Imperial Squat Walkers

The Thang

We went through each lane of the drive-thru tellers at the bank where there were the exercises listed below.  You were to complete in order the 1st exercise in the lane and then run around the block, then to the next lane.

Lane 1

Balls to Wall w/ Mountain Climbers Qty 8 IC

Traveling Merkins Qty 13

Diamond Merkins Qty 13

Clock Merkins 1-12 o’clock

Lane 2

Thigh Masters 13 Per Leg

Orangutan Squats 13

Copper Head Squats 13 IC

Exploding Lt. Dan’s 10

Lane 3

Shoulder Taps 20 per shoulder

Plank Jack Merkins 15

Peter Parkers 10

Plank Slalom 15

Lane 4

Pretzel Crunches each side 10IC

Cindy Crawford’s each side 10IC

LBC’s 30 single count

Crab Cakes 10IC

Time was called, and we stayed in the teller lines for Mary.

Exercise 1    WWII’s

Exercise 2    Outlaw’s                                    

Exercise 3    Super Man’s             

Exercise 4    Low Slow Flutters  

Exercise 5     Freddy Mercury

Exercise 6     Pike ups

Final Exercise American Hammers           


Joys, Praises, and Prayers

Slice and Dice’s Wife and Baby on the way

Gilmore and Crank Bait collecting clothing for Christmas Eve Mission

Sludge led us out

22 Merkins for the Vets

Play list for todays workout

Thank you for letting me Lead!!!  It is a truly a pleasure.


The beauty of CHRISTmas is not in the presents but in HIS presence!!!!