“Ice-maggeddon” backblast 12/16/2020 for Northern Aggression West

5.5 Pax braved ice-maggeddon 2020 for a beat down. We will rebuild.

The wind was kinda brutal. Kay was layered up but still shivered like a wet dog. Epstein underdressed in general, plus forgot gloves, and gladly accepted items from Flounder’s wardrobe stash b/c it was THAT cold. 


SSH x20IC – Tardy

Called on pax to lead their favorite WAR exercises. I recall…

  • Sun gods – Elaine
  • Copperhead squats – Epstein
  • Mountain climbers – Kay
  • Goofballs – Flounder

The Thang

Part A. 

  • Copperhead squats x20IC
  • LBCs x20IC
  • Hand release merkins x20
  • R&R for a total of 3 sets
  • (Epstein and Kay sheltered in the bathroom for this round…no judgement)

Elaine led a run around the block.

Granny panties ditched Sludge’s okay-ish workout and joined our “real workout” about this point.

Part B. 

  • Monkey humpers x20IC
  • Side plank push ups x10IC ea side
  • Derkins x20
  • R&R for a total of 3 sets

Kay led a run around the block

Part C. (crowd pleaser)

  • Mountain climbers x20IC
  • Burpees x20
  • Turkish get ups x20
  • Sadly, no time for R&R

We lost Granny Panties around this point. He gets half credit!


Pax led their favorites. Of these I remember…

  • Box cutters – Flounder
  • Low Dollys – Epstein
  • Crab cakes – Kay
  • Freddie mercury – Elaine

AH x20IC – Tardy


NOR – Elaine, Kay, Flounder, Epstein, 0.5 Granny Panties, and YHC Tardy (QIC)

Prayers – Elaine’s sister in law having significant surgery Friday, Dr Evil’s sister fighting cancer, Flounder’s co-worker fighting cancer, Bambi’s co-worker fighting cancer, Slice and Dice and M expecting a surprise 2.0, Shear Conn shingles, clothing drive led by Crankbait and Gilmore. YHC led the pax out in prayer.

22 merkins for the troops, or the cause of your choice.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy