Backblast – Poison Ivey – 12/16/20. “And then there were 3” A 🦞 Q.

Pax: Gilmore, Duvet and Crawdaddy

As the sun thought about rising and the moisture was falling, the Excel spreadsheet became lighter like the Titanic going down.. Mulligan and Fudd trampled women and children to snag the last lifeboat to Fartsack island. I hope there are no mirrors where ya’ll live.. as I’m sure you can’t stand the sight. The 3 hardy souls parked in the upper lot and got out of the wind.

WAR- 15 Side Straddle Hops, Lap around the lot (LOL), Frankensteins, Hurdle stretch, Goofballs, Chinook, LOL


Dice determines reps x3, dice 2 determines exercise off the chart.

Go through column 1,2and 3.

Then roll dice and add together for rep count of Checkbook ab roll. Then LOL

Group completed 4 rounds, then took final lap.

6MoM: 15x Dying CR, a Duvet surprise, Superman, Low Slow flutters and 21 American Hammers

Prayers for Evil’s sister, Mulligan’s brother, clothing needed, the Weaver family, the Trexler family, Tent City’s father.

Random musings:

Duvet went to the same High School as well known Fighter of Foo. Crawdaddy went to High School with a Million Dollar Baby and Gilmore went to HS with murderers and thieves.

Gilmore prayed us out.