Naughty or nice backblast 12-11-2020

We gathered at the bus benches and moseyed a bit…

WAR – front of school

  • SSH x10ic

Called on Pax to lead their favorite WAR… Here’s what I remember…

  • Mountain climbers – Water wings
  • Imperial squat walkers – Tent City (checkbook would have been so proud)
  • Seam rippers – Blue hen
  • Seal Jacks – Flounder
  • Burpees – Duvet (“crowd pleaser”, and actually a great warmup for what was to come)

The Thang

Partner exercises as detailed below.

Between sets we checked the naughty or nice meter…

  • Naughty = 5 burpees
  • Nice = move on to next set of exercises

Bus Bench Lot…

  • P1 LBCs
  • P2 hand release merkins x20
  • P1 Plank
  • P2 Turkish get ups x10 each side

Football field…

  • P1 Gorilla squats
  • P2 run lap
  • P1 Thighmasters
  • P2 Side plank push ups 20ic
  • Rinse and repeat

We had started off with a strong run of “naughty” spins, leading to many burpees. But around this point in the workout Monet broke the naughty/nice wheel with all of his “negativity”. Not another naughty spin after this. It was all nice!

School six bus lot…find a strong/solid pole…

Don’t try this at home…
  • P1 wall sit
  • P2 hand release merkins x20
  • P1 BTTW
  • P2 run across lot and back
  • Rinse and repeat

Bus benches…

  • P1 Donkey kicks
  • P2 dips x20
  • Rinse and repeat

Circle up for… Rooooooooxxxxxanne… Merkins and plank jacks.

During Roxanne, most Pax were not fans of the police. I believe Dean even said “defund the police”… or was that “refund the police”?

6MOM – called on Pax to lead their favorites…here’s what I remember…

  • Homer/Marge – Monet
  • Rosalita – Epstein
  • LBCs – Red hott
  • Jellyfish – Dean
  • Nolan Ryan – Far Side
  • AH x25ic – YHC, Tardy


COR: 14 with the Q

NOR: Crawdaddy, Monet, Water wings, Flounder, Far Side, Tent City, Duvet, Caddy, Dean, Epstein, Red Hott, Blue Hen, Mulligan, and Tardy (Q).

Prayer requests:

  • Prayers for Far Side’s acquaintance Jill who has stage 4 cancer
  • Tent City asked that we pray for his grandfather who has significant health issues
  • Mulligan lifted up his priest Father Carter who had a heart infection that seems to have been caught just in the nick of time
  • Monet asked that we pray for handbell’s daughter with hemangioma and the family as they do their best to support her
  • Blue Hen asked we pray for all impacted by Covid-19 both physically and in terms of mental health during shutdown
  • Far Side lifted up James from work who was very ill in hospital with pneumonia and has improved greatly

I apologize that I did not mention Crankbait and Gilmore are collecting clothing items that will be distributed to localhomeless people around Christmas. Bring donations to an upcoming workout.

Mulligan led us out in prayer.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy

You’re welcome