Backblast – Poison Ivey 12/9/2020

15 PAX, one fashionista/mademoiselle, and one Q enjoyed the dry, crisp winter morning. Surprisingly, there were no fartsackers. With the gate open we assembled in the lower parking lot. Seeing that the FNG was our very own Crankbait I did a wonderful job of bypassing the mission, values, and disclaimer. Obviously, Gilmore has gotten a watch or phone that is telling him the correct time because promptly at 5:30, he stated, “it must be 5:30 already.” Heeding Gilmore’s subliminal message we moseyed to the upper lot for warm-o-rama. I almost forgot. The mademoiselle was our very own Crawdaddy who, liking but lacking capri’s, was wearing a very fashionable tan beret. If only Gilmore would have lent madame Crawdaddy his neck warmer, Crawdaddy would have had a gloom-tastic ensemble. Others in attendance were; Crankbait, Dean, Sludge, Tardy, Whamo, Chipper, Bambi, Epstein, Tent City, Lucky Charms, Duvet, Gilmore, Special Ed, Hook’em, and Broadside.

Now for warm-o-rama, as mentioned, after a short mosey to the upper lot we commenced chinooks, hillbillies, and frankensteins. We then proceeded to the artificial turf soccer field.

The thang;

At one goal, the wheel of destiny and at the other goal, the deck of luck. We started at the center line and broke off into two groups. One group runs to the wheel of destiny, spins said wheel, and performs the exercise the wheel dictates. On the other end, one PAX from the other group draws a card from the deck of luck and matches that card to an exercise listed on the chart and performs 12 reps of such exercise. Each group then travels from goal to goal spinning the wheel of destiny or drawing from the deck of luck and performing the exercises. One good thing about splitting in two groups, the mumblechatter is cut in half. Omaha was implied when YHC advised, “one more round.” Madame Crawdaddy believes the deck is stacked with more than four #6 cards. I confess, it is a regular deck of cards. YHC does need to update the exercise list on the wheel of destiny and I appreciate all of the modifications by the PAX.

Mary was done at the center line and consisted of;
Freddie Mercuries
Cindy Crawfords
American Hammers

Prayers for;

Tent City’s Grandpa (Tent City Sr) diagnosed with AFib on top of not being in good health; Tent meeting up with his wife and kids, already in WA, for Christmas and hoping to spend some quality time with G-pa.

Shearcon has shingles

Gilmore’s friends (Flippin?) with family in the hospital with COVID

Crankbait’s mother for continued recovery after surgery and his friend that is battling with stage 4 colon cancer.

Father Carter, priest at Holy Cross, in the hospital working through a diagnosis and plan for chest pains from this past weekend.


Lucky a proud grandfather, his daughter Ellen gave birth to a healthy boy on Saturday

Thank you to Crawdaddy and Tardy for helping YHC during my run for St. Jude. Thank you to all of those that donated to St. Jude.

Clothes, socks, underwear, jackets, personal hygiene products, and the like can be donated to Gilmore and Crankbait who will help distribute to the homeless in Winston or Greensboro just before Christmas.

Sludge took us out.

Always a good time.