Backblast – Flash Bang Friday – School Six – 2/4/20 – “A boardgameless Q” – a Parker Bros/ Crawdaddy venture

Pax: Dean, Madoff, Mulligan, Fudd, Elaine, Chipper, Water Wings, Sludge, Granny Panties, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

Still reeling from an epic journey of confusion and pretend dysentery from Dean’s Q on weds. A group of 9 souls gathered under falling skies to see what a Q led by an honest man would look like. Holding true to form, Brian Slocum couldn’t predict a sunrise as it was raining with no chance of rain. As the Q sheet ink had already dried, there was simply no option to modify.. my hands were tied.

Seeing that signed up PAX named Slice and Dice, Change Order, Tent City and Special were not going to show.. we prayed for their health, then disparaged them and began.


Slow awkward run in a circle around the lower lot followed by:

10x Side Straddle Hops, Helicopters, Abes 3 count, standing Hurdler Stretch Goof Balls and Nancy Kerrigans.


1 . Top Amphitheater Benches 2.Mid – concrete pad by POC 3. Bottom – hill past speed bump

Each round do 5 burpees at the top and bottom stations before excercise – when done run suicides on the lines waiting on the 6.

Round 1 – 10 times 1. Derkins 2. Squats 3. Merkins

Group ab roll with 10 count – 1st and last time they would be in cadence.

(from the pissing and moaning at this point Dean and Sludge realized we were working out – outdoors…in the rain. While Water wings just silently judged them).

Round 2- 15 times 1. Erkins 2. Barishnikovs 3. Plank Jacks

Ab roll 15 single count

Round 3 – 20 times 1. Dips 2. WW1s 3. Seal Jacks

Ab Roll 20 count – halfway through QIC realized he had planned, led, created a playlist for and was now doing all the counting for the entire Q.. He pondered out loud what tremendous respect he had for all in his company. Thus prompting Dean and Mulligan to fake interest in pitching in.

5 burpees for the whole group to pay for those hiding under the Port-a-cuture..

Road Trip – With Dean grabbing the DJ booth we headed to check in on Flounder’s Q. Arriving just in time to hear Fist City and do Hillbillies while the lady sings. Granny panties saying “is this Christina Aggulara?” was enough to set off Fudd. Who then sought to defend Loretta’s good name in defense of Butcher Hollar, WV. Like Mulligan being told “there is no such thing as capri season” Fudd inwardly flew off the handle and only Chipper and Madoff ignoring him defused the situation. GP dodged a real bullet.

Crisis averted we let Sammy Hagar serenade Flounder’s Q while our milkshake brought all the boys to the yard with 20 Monkey humpers Single count.

Back to our turf – 5 burpees and 20 SSH just because.


Homer and Marge – Dying CR – Jellyfish – Low Slow fludders – American hammers x 21

Prayers –

Gilmore’s family, Evil’s sister, Mulligan’s run and Jeter’s school

In summary – the usual disaster but still more fun than Catan.

Always a pleasure Gents – C’diddy