Skate Rats – 11/23/20 Rolling Murph

10 bold conquistadors joined YHC to claim valuable resources for the Skate Rats AO. With First Mover advantage and superior numbers, the Pax (Mulligan, Slice n Dice, Duvet, Elaine, Madoff, Crankbait, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Boone’s Farm, Red Hot, FloRida – QIC) annexed the track and pullup bars for a slim approximation of The Murph. With intentions clearly telegraphed in the Pre-Blast, any player of a strategy game focused on claiming territory would know to expect the incursion.

WARMARAMA in the Deep Gloom behind the school: SSH x15; Imperial Walkers x 10; Abe Vigodas x 10; Seam Rippers x 10; Peter Parkers x 6; Parker Peters x 6.

The THANG, at the Track: A downsized version of The Murph, spread out around the full track.
At the Bars – 10 pullups, or until failure.
At the top of the track – 20 Merkins, or 2X pullup count.
At the halfway mark of the track – 30 Squats, or 3X pullup count.
At the bottom of the track – 40 LBCs or 4X pullup count.
Continue lap after lap after lap.

Howling Monkeys; Cruncy Frogs x 10; Box Cutters x 10; American Hammers x 15.

The Quarantined Duck is flying again. Look for a menu from Slice n Dice next week.
Congrats to Red Hot – daughter’s wedding over the weekend.

Prayers for COVID warriors, school teachers and parents, Dr Evil’s sister, Crankbait’s mother and additional unspoken requests. Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor! FloRida