“Partner up” Feats of Strength Backblast 11/23

WAR – Pax led their favorites:

  • SSH x20 – Tardy
  • Abe V – Flounder
  • Dipping dots – Bambi
  • Helicopters – Handbells
  • Hillbillies – Fortran

The Thang – Partner up

Partner up? Or pardner up?
  • P1 Curls
  • P2 run to cul de sac and back
  • Switch. R&Rx2
  • P1 Wonderbras
  • P2 lunge BB court
  • Switch. R&Rx2
  • P1 Heavy AH
  • P2 Bear crawl BB court
  • Switch. R&Rx2
  • P1 Flys
  • P2 standing long jump BB court
  • Switch. R&Rx2
  • P1 Squats
  • P2 crab walk BB court
  • Switch. R&Rx2
  • P1 Merkins
  • P2 run to cul de sac and back
  • Switch. R&Rx2

Lots of mumble chatter. One highlight was when the Amazon random shuffle played “Lita Ford” and only Epstein could name the artist. #hairmetal. Dr Evil speculated Epstein once had a poster of Lita in his bedroom.

Fortran caught grief for leading hillbillies. And for being tall. And bringing one dumbbell. Rough crowd eh?

Handbells first time at FOS was memorable, bringing his fancy multi selection weights. If he’d brought those to his first workout, he’d probably be known as shake weight or infomercial.

Flounder said he won’t leave the Q sheet open again. I think that was a compliment? Not sure.

Doesn’t matter what Flounder says b/c Bambi is taking the next FOS Q. Bambi said the “old people are taking Q’s just like we go to the K&W cafeteria…at 4:00 in the afternoon”.

Bambi was YHCs teaching assistant…and made sure runners ran around the entire perimeter of the cul de sac. No shortcuts.


  • Rosalita – Epstein
  • Slow Peter Parkers – Dr Evil
  • AH – Tardy


7 with the Q

Flounder, Bambi, Handbells, Fortran, Dr Evil, Epstein, Tardy (QIC)

Prayers for Crankbaits mother’s recovery, for Dr Evil’s sister Barbara after recent chemo, for Bambi’s co-worker Lindsay who has stage four colon cancer, for everyone trying to travel and gather all safely as possible this Thanksgiving.

Epstein led us out with a prayer.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy

Just another Tardy Q.