F3 “Snowflake” at Poison Ivey 11/18

Amazingly, 9 Pax actually showed up for this. That’s better than voter participation. However, there were some Fartsackers who felt the need to imitate “Sleepy Joe“…and you know who you are…

Freezing temps and political talk inspired this “trigger warning” workout. Just like a South Park episode (or a typical Dean Q), there was something to offend everyone.

Began with a short warmup mosey.  Dean said this was to find more ballots for the “Run Forest Run” Governor wannabe…

Ended up at the soccer field with artificial turf… Fake like the news.



Because Hillary’s email server was infiltrated by hackers

Random Pax took over, each leading different WAR exercises. A highlight was when Mulligan led hillbillies and Crawdaddy said this exercise should be renamed “Paula Jones“. We had seam rippers and more.

I like Q’s that weren’t captured, so I took back control…

The Thang

Because Russian “bears” influence our elections…crawl bear up the hill to parking lot.

Because Mexico will pay for the wall… 

Pair up. P1 BTTW. P2 run around concession stand. R&R three cycles. (for 3 impeached presidents). It was an inconvenient truth, but we held Al Gore for the six.

Because Democrats want to pack the court (add seats to the Supreme Court)…

Pair up. P1 wall sit. P2 run around concession stand. R&R three cycles.

(Gilmore said he knew how to “pack” some things? In the bathroom? No idea what that meant)

Because counting ballots is important… Circle up for 20 Cindy C’s in cadence each side.  

Because paying off Stormy wasn’t cheap…10 Diamond Merkins OYO.

Because Benghazi…or Oliver North said Crawdaddy…10 Lt Dan’s OYO

Because Trump wants to throw out ballots through legal challenges…and Democrats just throw ballots in the ditch

Groups of three. P1 push trash can across lot. P2 LBCs. P3 Merkins. Rotate through each of the 3 stations 3 times.

(Side note…because our immune system can protect us from Covid-19, which is a Democrat election conspiracy anyway, Pax were also invited to lick the trash cans, at their own risk. No takers.)

Because Epstein didn’t kill himself…Suicides across the parking lot. 1 burpee each line.

Because only a bad businessman can bankrupt a casino…unless it’s a strategy…

10 Diamond Merkins OYO.

Because Monica kept the blue dress…Pickle pounders.

Because Obamacare was supposed to save you money…10 Diamond Merkins OYO


Rosalia whips in honor of the Cal Cunningham sexting scandal.

Then there were more hackers, with rotating Pax stepping up to lead various exercises. I know we had jellyfish, in honor of spineless politicians everywhere..with a pause in the counting of course. We did Low slow flutters. There was mention of Chris Wallace and Tucker Carlson at some point…only the facts.

Finally, AH in honor of prosecutor and VP elect Kamala Harris.


9 with the Q

Crankbait, Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Chipper, Bambi, Gilmore, Dean, Shear Conn, and YHC Tardy (QIC)

Prayers: Bambi’s co-worker Lindsay diagnosed with stage four colon cancer with spread to get liver.  Ray and Pat Thomas have Covid-19. Mulligan and family running and raising funds for St Jude’s in honor of Alexis. Prayers for Chipper’s 2.0 going through tough times. Prayers for Dr Evil’s sister Barbara who’s headed to Houston for chemotherapy. Handbells daughter has additional testing for her hearing.  

Gilmore led us out.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy