Backblast – Poison Ivey

Since Tarde had such a colorful and entertaining backblast, I’m going to make this as vanilla as the weinke. (also trying to pack and get out of Dodge)

8 wet pax in attendance. (Although I was really hoping for a deluge) Dean, Fudd, Sludge, Gilmore, Mulligan, Tent City Craw Diddy, Shear Conn. (Special Ed, Lucky, Flipper and Whamo in spirit I’m sure)

WOR: Mozy to the road, SSH, Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Cotton Pickers

Miracle Mile: Run to Shields Rd with Lt Dan at first light, Bobby Hurley at second light. Repeat to end of road.

Return with Burpees at the lights.

Note: Even though no one could see it except for the Q in his mind, the ISS sailed over during the Miracle Mile. 9 burpee penalty. (Only the Q and Gilmore smiled. Everyone else was cheery on the inside.)

On to the parking lot for 11s: WWIIs at the shelter / Pullups at the playground.

Unfortunately our time was short, so we didn’t get to the bearicides. Next time.

Mary: WWIs, Low slow flutters and (2) hammmers. (Just realized I left out the Jellyfish. Sorry Dean. Next time.

Announcements: Veterans Day – Thanks for our fellow F3 pax who have served in the military!

Prayer concerns: Tent City’s mother in law (heart issues), F3 brothers who are struggling with personal issues.

Thanks Sludge for leading us out.

22 for the veterans.

Great job everyone! Thanks for letting me lead. More fun than a barrel of monkey humpers.

Shear Conn