Backblast -Northern Aggression East 11-11-2020

Rainy morning. All pax gathered in front of the bank, despite me giving them the option to just meet up at the Farmer’s market shelter. T-Claps! Way to start out strong.

T-Claps to the crazy Pax who showed up in the rain

Glad to add Sprinkler and Dr Evil. Shame on several fart sackers who bailed on Sprinkler’s Q (you know who you are).

Shame on the fartsackers

Perfect gloom. Cool with a light drizzle.

Mosey to the farmers market. As we approached, I thought I saw an additional pax waiting for us under the Farmer’s market shelter? Nope. A guy working on their vehicle. And when I said “good morning”…

Startled reaction of vehicle owner

Said he had a radiator leak. And a dented front bumper/good. So we offered to help. Our offer of help was declined.

Did he hit a deer?
We speculated.

Finally…warm O rama.

I led SSH, then called on Pax to lead their favorites…

  • Beaker led Seam rippers
  • …and bunch of the usual stuff I can’t remember…until…
  • Some “idiot” (not my words) called for five burpees. We love you bro. Really.
Burpees for WAR

Somewhere in there, Dr Evil noticed Sprinkler and YHC had matching outfits…

It’s fashionable

and eventually…the Thang…in parking lot by farmers market

A series of musical selections. Do the called exercise until song was over or to failure (i.e. timed AMRAP)

Van Halen “Jump”: Standing long jumps across parking lot and back, AMRAP until song over.

Pax complaints. Sprinkler used to like this song. Not anymore.

Peter Gabriel “Sledgehammer”: AH until Omaha called.

Ray Charles “America the beautiful”: Hold plank, and do a Merkin on each America and each Beautiful. (In honor of veterans day, by the flagpole in front of city hall).

Mosey, led by Monet, circling back to parking lot by farmers market.

Foo Fighters “learn to fly”: Superman and Iron man (Hook ‘Em would have been proud/disgusted. #ISI).

The Cox Family “Big Rock Candy Mountain”: Peter Parkers

Impressive mumble chatter at this point. Flounder whipped the Pax into a frenzy when he asked how long anyone could tolerate YHC’s playlist for the long ride to Texas?! Best answer from the Pax was “I would be out before Charlotte”. Followed by…”No, make that Salisbury”

I can’t hear you Flounder and Pax.

Aerosmith “walk this way”: Lunges and reverse lunges.

Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”: Cycle through Merkins AMRAP, then SSH to recover. Impressive work by the Pax.

Modifications were made. Notably, instead of SSH, Elaine opted for Rocky Balboas! With perfect form.

Proud of Elaine. He’s been practicing. Pax celebrated his progress.

With time winding down, we moseyed back to the bank for 6Mom…

YHC led Rosalita Whips.

Granny panties led WWIIs. He took some mumble-grief for leading them in Cadence. I support his unique choice.

Granny panties response to complaints

YHC led AH….in cadence.


9 with the Q.

Boone’s Farm, Sprinkler, Dr Evil, Elaine, Granny panties, Beaker, Monet, Flounder, and Tardy (QIC).

Prayers for Flounder’s co-worker Pam diagnosed with breast cancer. Prayers for Dr Evil’s sister Barbara needs to get good blood work results, necessary to begin her next round of Chemotherapy. Boone’s Farm training for new job, with a long commute to Burlington. Prayers for educators and students trying to return to in person school with tremendous changes and recent deaths of staff and spouses on their hearts. Prayers for all the Spouses supporting those teachers. Prayers for all veterans on this day, Veterans day.

Dr Evil led us out with a great prayer.

22 for the veterans.

Always right on time and always an honor, Tardy

Long backblast. Hope you enjoyed it.