Back Blast – Bus Benches – 11-6-2020

12 loyal pax members gather in the gloom in anticipation of a great Fudd lead workout! After it was determined that no FNGs were in attendance, a short mosey ensued and then pax circled up for Warm-O-Rama.


Exercises:    (10) Side Straddle Hops

                     (10) Frankensteins

(10) Hillbillies

                     (5) Sun Gods Forward

                     (5) Sun Gods Backward

then Mosey to tracking and ran Dr. Evil off!

Workout – It’s only a matter of Time

The track was transformed into a clock. Playground being 12 o’clock, Classroom Trailers being 3 o’clock, opposite playground 6 o’clock, and so on. (3) reps of exercises at 3 o’clock, (6) reps of exercises at 6 o’clock, and so on.

Each round of exercises was determined by presidential trivia. Below are the questions.

  1. Who was the fifth president of the United States?  James Monroe
  2. Who was the first president to be born in the United States?  Martin Van Buren
  3. How many presidents died in office? 8
  4. Which president served two non-consecutive terms?  Grover Cleveland
  5. What year did Alexander Hamilton become president? Never
  6. Which presidents were impeached?  Johnson and Clinton


Round 1

Correct Answer:           Merkins                                       

Wrong Answer:            Hand Release Merkins      

(5) pull-ups after each round

Hold Plank for Six

Round 2

Correct Answer:           Squats                                   

Wrong Answer:            Burpees    

(5) pull-ups after each round

High Knees for Six

Round 3

Correct Answer:           Lt Dans                                   

Wrong Answer:            Thigh Masters

(5) pull-ups after each round

Hold Plank for Six

Round 4

Correct Answer:           Monkey Humpers (Cad)           

Wrong Answer:            Bobby Hurleys  

(5) pull-ups after each round

High Knees for Six

Round 5

Correct Answer:           Mountain Climbers (Cad)         

Wrong Answer:            Diamond Merkins

(5) pull-ups after each round

Hold Plank for Six

Round 6

Correct Answer:           WW1s                       

Wrong Answer:            Prisoner Get Ups  

(5) pull-ups after each round

High Knees for Six

Round 7

Correct Answer:           Merkins                       

Wrong Answer:            Monkey Humpers  

(5) pull-ups after each round

High Knee for Six

The group didn’t fair very well on answering correctly only getting three of seven correct. The only one that got a difficult question correct was @Monet. Nice work Monet with knowing Grover Cleveland was the only non-consecutive president in history!


Exercises: (15) Freddie Mercury’s

                  (10) WW1 Sit-up

                  (20) Outlaws (10 each direction)    

(20) American Hammers

Mudder Fudders – 6″ Merkin, Plank with right leg, left arm extended and then switching, 6″ Merkin

In attendance: @Boones Farm, @Monet, @Kay, @Diliverence, @Fortran, @Crawdaddy, @Handbells, @Far Side, @Gilmore, @Flounder, @Monet

Prayers: @Kay’s Mother-in-law Shelia – possible Covid exposure, @Far Side co-worker Randy in Hospice, John Weaver 93 poor health and family in Concord, continued prayers for @Sludge’s Mom, @Mulligen’s brother, @Dr. Evil’s Sister.

@Far Side prayed us out.

Always an honor!