Spooky Woods Backblast 10/30/20 (Skate Rats)

Someone saw “costume” in the preblast and came through in a big way…

Caption this!

After good mumble chatter and no disclaimer, we…

Divided into three groups. Each group took a different mosey path through the park, to the parking lot on Bodenhamer.


Called on pax to lead their “favorite WAR”…

  • Lucky charms led Frankensteins (of course)
  • Wham O led Hill Billies (good stretch after running 7miles before F3)
  • Hook ’em led Seam rippers (we expected Supermans)
  • Monet led Imperial squat walkers (Checkbook would have been so proud)
  • Elaine led Jellyfish (Dean was impressed)

Nicely done gentlemen!

The Thang – Spooky Woods

Bear crawled through the woods down to the creek. Lunged back. No one complained.

Partner up. Find a tree.

P1 Run out and back on pathway

P2: on tree

  1. BTTW
  2. Air Chair
  3. 45 deg plank
  4. Al Gore
  5. Derkins

(Switch, then rinse and repeat each round, for total of 10 rounds)

Ummmm… there’s lots of trees for Al Gore. But you guys can share if you want.

Lunged through the woods down to the creek. Lunged back. Absolutely no complaints from the Pax.

Split into two groups. Mosey to BB court.

6MoM – Called on pax to lead…

  • FloRida led sucky side plank scissors
  • Boone’s Farm led Rosalita Whips
  • Dean led pretzel crunches
  • YHC led AH x20IC

Over 4000 steps by the end. Not bad.

The Playlist


NOR: Wham O, Boone’s Farm, Hook ‘Em, FloRida, Monet, Hand Bells, Elaine, Shear Conn, Lucky Charms, Dean, Tent City, Water Wings, Fudd, Granny Panties, Tardy (QIC)

COR 15 with the Q

Prayers for Sludge’s mother having another procedure today, prayers for Dr Evil’s sister Barbara, prayers for Mulligan’s brother John, prayers for Boone’s Farm in job search, prayers for all the teachers and students and their physical and mental health as they continue to deal with online and begin to transition to more in person learning. 

22 for the troops.

Always an honor and always right on time, Tardy