Red White and Boom School Six 10-26-20

5K with a centralized pain stop on every 1/2 mile loop. #oldguysrule Tclaps to ShearCon for killing it this morning. Tclaps to the pax as well for putting in the work and finishing strong.

Pax: Special, Blue Hen, Madoff, Craw Daddy, Mulligan, Duvet, Dean, Elaine, Monet, Whamo, BF,Water Wings, Crank Bait, Granny Panties, Shear Con QIC Sludge


Deans, Seam Rippers, Hill Billy’s, Back Stretching


Centralized Pain Station

5 Burpee’s

10 Orangutan Squats

15 WWI

20 Merkins

25 LBC’s

30 Shoulder taps

Ladder up though the pain station with taking a lap after each pain station stop. For example 5 Burpee’s take a lap, 5 Burpee’s 10 Orangutans take a lap etc…

If you got through 6 rounds you should have ran close to a 5K. Sorry Dean for not getting the 6000 in the workout, but Dean and a few of us took a Victory Lap after the workout so we could get the 6000 steps that I promised.


Cindy Crawford

Rosilita Whips





Keep Duvet’s sister in your prayers as she has contracted Covid for a second time.

My mom’s recovery is going well she is up and walking and moving today out of ICU.

Thanks to Shear Con for taking us out in Prayer.

“Just keep getting better. Little by little. Day by day.”

Honor to Lead.