Backblast – Feats of Strength – 10/26/20

Nine PAX (Fudd, Checkbook, Flounder, Epstein, Dr. Evil, Tardy, Hook ‘Em, Fortran, Deliverance) posted in the gloom to enjoy the Ted Nugent station on the music-playing lava lamp and enjoy some mumble chatter while getting stronger.

After a perfect F3 mission statement and disclaimer, @Epstein took us on a warm up mosey through the park.

Warmarama:  SSH’s, Dean Vigodas, Seam Rippers, Sun Gods, Chinooks.

The Thang:  Three sets of three exercises done Tabata-style (45 sec. of exercise with 15 sec. of rest) with a short mosey in between sets.

1st set:  (selected by @Fortran)  Alternating lunges, Iron Cross, Upright rows.  @Hook ‘Em took us on a short mosey.

2nd set:  (selected by @Tardy)  Front arm raises, Alternating side lunges, Low flutters.  @Fudd guided us on a short mosey.

3rd set:  (selected by @Checkbook)  Copperhead squats, WWI’s, Merkins.  Modified the last set by replacing the WWI’s and Merkins with Tricep extensions and Curls.

Mary:  LBC’s, Cindy’s each side, Freddie Mercury’s, American Hammers.

Announcements/Prayers:  Thankful we didn’t run around the school all morning with the other PAX; blood supplies are short, so give if you can; Dr. Evil’s sister Barbara; safe travels to Tardy driving to Texas to visit his grandmother; Boone’s Farm in his job search; Mulligan’s brother John.

@Epstein led us out.

It was an honor to lead, Deliverance.